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Education Reference Group - Keeping Bristol Safe Partnership

Local Safeguarding Partnership 

The Local Safeguarding Partnership in Bristol is called the Keeping Bristol Safe Partnership (KBSP). To find out more about the partnership please consider visiting the website for:

What does this mean for me?

As an education professional, statutory guidance Keeping Children Safe in Education states:

  • Governing bodies, and their senior leadership teams (especially their designated safeguarding leads), should make themselves aware of and follow their local arrangements.
  • If named as a relevant agency, schools and colleges, in the same way as other relevant agencies, are under statutory duty to co-operate with the published arrangements (under the Children Act 2004).
  • All education settings are named as relevant agencies in Bristol.

How do I engage?

  1. We will send out information about future meetings for those signed up to our mailing list.
  2. You can also attend our free professional networks. These aim to cascade local safeguarding updates and news to the workforce and feedback salient information to strategic partners. 
  3. If you have an emerging need or a practice concern and would like to raise it to the attention of the Education Reference group or the KBSP you can use the form to the right.

You can also feedback on agenda items and minutes for meetings. We respectfully request that you consider the working capacity of colleagues who represent your phase who are volunteering their time. 

Education Reference Group

The Keeping Bristol Safe Partnership is committed to ensuring that settings in the local area are fully engaged, involved and included in safeguarding arrangements. 

The group oversee safeguarding arrangements strategically in the education sector across the city. This involves: 

  • Translating the KBSP 3 year priorities into practice as well as incorporating sector specific strategies from the annual s.175 Safeguarding Audit.
  • Making key decisions around safeguarding in education on a local basis.
  • Considering any sector learning where a statutory safeguarding review has taken place.
  • Support communication between the KBSP and the wider education workforce. 

Membership & Meetings. 

There are phase and sector representatives who are comprised of Head Teachers, Designated Safeguarding Leads and Governors who sit on the group. The meeting is supported by the Safeguarding in Education team as well as other Local Authority Officers. 

The group meet 6 times a year (every Bristol school term). 

The meeting’s agenda, minutes and briefing notes are available to the workforce. You are invited to engage and submit questions, feedback and queries. 

Access the KBSP Members Area to find materials, minutes of meetings, who your phase representative is and the group's Terms of Reference. For log in details please email the


Recent Updates

Briefing notes from past KBSP Education Reference groups: