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Knowing our communities


These links and databases are generated by Bristol City Council and publicly available. This data can be used to support leaders to make strategic decisions and develop a deeper understanding of their community's needs. 

Bristol statistics and key facts

Check the statistics and census page for Bristol statistics reports such as the annual State of the City: Key Facts update (a summary of major facts and infographics about Bristol) and others.

Bristol Ward Data

The Ward Profiles provide a range of data-sets, including Population, Health, Quality of Life,  Children's Services, Housing, and Crime.

They allow you to compare data for each ward with the Bristol average and other wards.

These are available as:

Open Data Bristol

Bristol Open Data portal  

A new site for accessing, analysing and sharing open data, including Dashboards.  

Health Profile for Bristol

Health Profiles is an interactive data tool by Public Health England providing an overview of key indicators on health and the wider determinants that can affect it. 


Visit our population page for an overview of the population living in the Bristol Local Authority area and projections of future population change.


To see the Bristol deprivation statistics visit our deprivation page.

Quality of life

The Quality of Live survey gives local residents an opportunity to voice their opinions about issues close to their hearts and their views on local public services. It has been an annual survey since 2001, but does change over time.  The statistics are analysed to a ward level and also equality groups such as age, sex and ethnicity.

The results are used by us, health services and other public sector partners to help plan local services, track change and improve the quality of life in Bristol. The survey is our main tool for providing neighbourhood level statistics and public perception information.

The quality of life results cover topics such as:

  • health
  • lifestyles
  • community
  • local services
  • public perception about living in Bristol

Profiles of equalities communities in Bristol 

Data on equalities communities in Bristol can be found in the Equality profiles section on the Census 2011 page.

Economy and Employment

Quarterly Briefings on the Bristol economy and local labour market, plus the Local Economic Assessment (LEA).