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The recent events in the relation to Israel and the Palestine conflict are dominating headlines. Bristol's Multi Faith Forum has come together to issue a joint message for the people of Bristol. 

Religious leaders from across the Abrahamic faiths have come together to send a joint message to the people of Bristol, inviting them to come together in prayer for those affected by violence in Palestine and Israel and calling for a swift end to violence and a peaceful resolution of this conflict.

The Rt Revd Vivienne Faull (Bishop of Bristol), Rabbi Monique Mayer (Bristol & West Progressive Jewish Congregation) and Zaheer Shabir (Building the Bridge) along with Cllr Tom Aditya, (Chairman of the Bristol Multi-Faith Forum), have offered up the following words in sombre reflection:

“The continuing escalation of violence in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that we have witnessed in recent days has deeply shaken everybody across the world. Few words can make sense of the tension we feel as we grieve the immense loss of life in this conflict.

We condemn all forms of violence, particularly those that are targeting innocent people and their families who are simply trying to live their lives. We urge the leaders to put an end to the ongoing violence and find ways to build peace among peoples and nations, so that they may live in unity with their neighbours.

We ask all our Christian, Muslim, and Jewish sisters and brothers across Bristol to come together at this difficult time and join in prayer for all who are affected by this conflict, both abroad and at home. We pray for an end to prejudice, both anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim, in our city and our country. We pray for a genuine, long-lasting peace in the region and across the world that unites us all in our humanity.”


Resources for children and families affected 

Many of you have already identified incidents and vulnerability within your communities.

In most cases, you will be presented with children and their families who are experiencing trauma either directly and/or by proxy. We have a statutory duty to safeguard children and take appropriate and proportionate steps to provide a trauma informed approach to interventions. Here are a few resources that could support your safeguarding response.


Safeguarding resources on a wider school intervention level:


Information Literacy, the PSHE Association are a reputable source and have good lesson plans/resources on:


For individual children where bespoke work could be considered:

You may need to be prepared for potential incidents of prejudice based bullying and or if a crime has been committed, a hate crime. It is important that you ensure that proportionate interventions are put in place in line with your setting’s response for children who harm other children. We would ask that you consider the following under your safeguarding duties:


Home Office/DfE advice

The Home Office highlights the need to consider managing concerns sensitively but in line with your existing processes and practices. Under advice  settings are reminded to be politically impartial and of the potential protests which could be anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim in nature. These could be dealt with in line with your behaviour policy and the Prevent duty. The Home Office have identified further resources that could support your work:



Some settings may want to take action to support those who are directly affected by the conflict. Here are a couple of links that may support you:


If you need further advice and guidance feel free to speak to your School Safeguarding Advisor -

Equally if you need support with public relations - please email