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New Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) Course

For newly appointed Designated Safeguarding Leads, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads, and appropriate members of the setting’s safeguarding team.

Course Description

This course is split across 4 modules. You MUST complete all modules to get a certificate.

This course is ‘single’ agency in that it is for sector specific for the Educational Work Force. It is designed to support depth of understanding of the role of the Designated Safeguarding Lead in an education setting. For wider development and understanding of the multi-agency practice, it may be more appropriate for you to consider training delivered by the Keeping Bristol Safe Partnership.

The course is appropriate for anyone undertaking advanced safeguarding work in a school setting or acting in a leadership capacity. This includes New DSLs, Deputy DSLs and other members of the Senior Leadership Team. 

This course may also be appropriate for professionals who work in partnership with schools on a strategic level.

This course is ideal for colleagues looking to increase safeguarding capacity within the setting.

You should have an existing knowledge of safeguarding and child protection before you join onto this course. Although not essential, we recommend that you have completed the Advanced Child Protection course offered through the Keeping Bristol Safe Partnership.


Course Objectives:

  • Understand the role and main responsibilities of the designated safeguarding lead
  • Develop an awareness of how to promote a safeguarding culture
  • Know how to use and manage your systems to effectively identify vulnerable children in your setting
  • Know how to respond to allegations against staff and other professionals
  • Reflect on the use of language when reporting and recording of safeguarding
  • Topical Safeguarding Issues
  • Develop an understanding of what Contextual Safeguarding is and how it relates to your role.
  • Understand the multi-agency safeguarding system, processes and your role as a lead practitioner.

New Designated Safeguarding Lead Virtual Course 2023/24


For newly appointed Designated Safeguarding Leads, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads, and appropriate members of the setting’s safeguarding team.


Costs are as follows:


- Maintained/Academies - £220 per attendee

- Independent/Free Schools - £275 per attendee


  • Costs difference reflect a 20% difference from the contributions made from maintained and academies from the Designated Schools Grant. 
  • All funds generated from the training contributes to the High Needs Block for vulnerable learners. 


For the virtual sessions we have adapted our 2 Day DSL course to take place online over 4 half day sessions. (9:00-12:30)


These courses are split over four modules on the following dates:

18-21 September 2023

15-18 January 2024

22-25 April 2024


We are offering 2 day (full day) alternatives which is delivered in person on the following:


13-14 November 2023 (Bridge Professional Development centre)

18-19 March 2024 (Barton Hill Settlement)

24-25 June 2024 (Greenway Centre)


To book please follow the link here




When registering please can you sign up using the generic safeguarding email for your setting or the business managers email. Once done please email and we can then add you as a delegate manager. This allows this account to book training on behalf of other members of staff. It will also reduce the amount of licences we need to use which will reduce the cost of your training long term.


If you need to cancel your place, please can you do this more than 10 working days of the course date. If you do not do this you risk being charged the full amount of the course price.

“The DSL Course has been fantastic. Very informative, concise and well presented. The course worked extremely well via Zoom and definitely kept me engaged and interested. I have enjoyed attending this course and would recommend it to anyone else working within safeguarding education settings.”


If you have a troubleshooting issue, please contact