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Supporting Inter-Parental Conflict (SIPCO) Project

Do you work with parents/carers of a child or children aged between 8 and 14 who may be locked in conflict due to the pressures they are facing? The SIPCo project could help.

We are looking for Bristol staff to refer parents (separated/together) to the project who:

• Have a child aged 8-14

• Have intense, frequent, and unresolved inter-parental conflict

• Are willing to try something new to help reduce their conflict

The help on offer will either be relationship therapy (delivered by the couple therapy charity Tavistock Relationships) or access to some online resources with local support for reducing parental conflict. The project is trying to compare the two types of support, so parents will be provided with one or the other. We expect both kinds of support to be helpful for families. In the relationship therapy sessions (which will take place online),
a therapist will help you and your partner/ex to communicate better, while the online resources are programmes that you will work through at your own pace with the support of a locally trained professional.


To find out more, please contact Gina:
07721 635376